Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

“Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws.”Franz Kafka (1883-1924), Prague German Jewish author, novelist

Prague is the most beautiful city on earth, and I think Franz Kafka agreed with me.

Even after living in Prague as an expat for three years, I still have not tired of Prague’s beauty. From the steep city hills to the winding Vltava River, to the time-worn cobblestones to the thousand spires skyline, Prague is a city like no other. If you haven’t visited Prague yet, you must. Start a jar for saving nickles and dimes today.


the majestic Prague Castle

When you arrive in Prague, you’ll realize the centerpiece of the city is the Prague Castle, which sits high on a ridge overlooking the Vltava River. The Czech government still meets in Prague Castle today, yet the first structures within the Castle date back to around the year 880 AD. It is a fascinating place to tour.

If you have 3 hours, you can see much of Prague Castle. Here, my 10 favorite sites within the Castle walls:

1)  Golden Lane.


Golden Lane, Prague Castle, Prague


Golden Lane, in the other direction, Prague

2)  Kafka’s house on Golden Lane.


Kafka’s House along Golden Lane, Prague Castle, Prague

3)  The Lobkowicz Palace. (Actually, this is Number One on my favorites list, but you must visit Golden Lane early because of the crowds.) Inside, the Lobkowicz Collections display amazing cultural artifacts and treasures from over four centuries, including Canaletto paintings (including the recently renowned painting of Lord Mayor’s Day, remembered in celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee), Beethoven’s manuscripts of the 3rd, 5th, and 6th Symphonies, etc. Priceless.

My other favorite is to have lunch at the Lobkowicz Palace on the balcony overlooking the city, and to catch the live chamber performance inside the Palace, offered every day at 1 pm.


The Banner outside the Lobkowicz Palace, Prague Castle, Prague

4)  The cobblestone walk.


the White Tower, Prague Castle, along the cobblestone lane


the Relief of Saint George along the cobblestone lane, Prague Castle

5)  Saint George’s Basilica and Church.


Saint George’s Church and Basilica, Prague Castle

6)  The mosaics and architecture outside Saint Vitus Cathedral.


Saint Vitus’s impressive architecture, Prague Castle


Mosaic, outside Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle

7)  Saint Vitus Cathedral, inside. Stunning.


Inside Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle


Stained Glass inside Prague Castle’s Saint Vitus Cathedral, created by the famed Bohemian artist, Alphonse Mucha


Inside Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle

8)  The front gates of the Prague Castle.


the Prague Castle gates

9)  The Prague Castle Changing of the Guard.


the Prague Castle Changing of the Guard

10)  The View over Prague from the Prague Castle gates.


the unforgettable view from the Prague Castle gates, over Prague

Have you visited Prague or the Prague Castle? What sites are on your favorites list?