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About me

I am Jennifer Lyn, a professional writer and owner of UptownBride.com. Also, I am a photographer, artist, marketing professional, and a mom to 3 great boys.

In my teens, I traveled the world, walked runways, and appeared in fashion magazines as a model with Elite. I’ve recently returned to the US after living 4 years in Prague, Czech Republic, with my family. Life is an adventure, full of beauty. Thanks for joining me here!

Jennifer Lyn

I grew up in the Southern United States in small towns of Texas and Arkansas, soaking up warm days and reading in the shade of oak trees.

As a young teen, my family moved across the country to Pennsylvania, where I still read books in stacks, but also swam with the school’s synchronized swimming team. In the summer of 1988, I had the opportunity to swim with my team in the Olympic Trials. I loved it, noseclips, knoxed hair, sequin suits, and all.

But my family moved often, and soon we moved to rural Ohio, where swimming year-round wasn’t possible. Somehow, the opportunities didn’t stop. Someone entered me into a modeling contest, Elite’s Look of the Year, because of my nearly six-foot height. And it happened that at age fifteen, I won a contract and worked on covers, magazines, and runways with Elite Model Management worldwide. I loved it—especially working with designers like Azzedine Aläia, walking runways in Paris, and living in Tokyo, New York City, and Chicago.

In the fall after high school graduation, I attended Purdue University for engineering, the degree the males in my family had always earned. I graduated with a degree in Mechanical engineering and a minor in Spanish, and worked for a time with a Fortune 500 company and then a smaller firm in New Orleans. But after I married and began having children, my deep love for reading and writing caught up to me and I found the things I enjoy most.

I love working by day as a marketing professional, and live in Ohio with my family after living four years in Prague, Czech Republic. While there, we traveled to twenty-three countries in Europe — a dream.

In addition to writing, I love to paint, read, play the piano and viola, and do yoga, ski, swim, and play tennis. But my favorite times in life are the unprogrammed hours—especially spending time in the backyard with my family. Most of all, I’m grateful for the experiences and opportunities I’ve had to shape me into who I am today.

I feel passionate to connect with and give back to others. I’m the leader and founding member of Great New Books, a team-run book recommendation site found at http://GreatNewBooks.org, and I believe in the missions of the United Nations Foundation, World Vision, (Red), Every Mother Counts, and others.

About uptownbrides.com

UptownBrides: Your Guide Into International Brides

I love to write and read, have led UpTownBrides.com, and am working on a manuscript. While contributing to my site with my articles, I am proud to be the owner of this website at the same time. I always believe that my call is to help people find their future soulmates easily and efficiently. This is why I dedicate much of my efforts to this platform.

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Thanks to different articles and guides prepared on my site, I really strive to make the journey of relationships easier, more pleasant, and more cost-effective. I can assure you that mail order brides are real and they’re not mission impossible. I strongly believe that mail order brides can be great matches for single men interested in building families.