Wed. May 15th, 2024

Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr.

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  • Pisa, the Italian Riviera, Switzerland, and Home to Prague: a photojournal
  • Italy: Tuscany and Rome, a photojournal
  • EAT, STRAY, LOVE: Italy, Tuscany, and the Maremma
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  • Venice!
  • My Favorite Italian Hideaways
  • Italy’s Lost City of Pompeii: A Photojournal
  • Italy’s Amalfi Coast: A Photojournal
  • Lake Como, Northern Italy, and the Beauty Found There
  • The Charm of Italy’s Veneto Wine Country
  • Ponte Sant’Angelo : Bridge of Angels, Rome
  • Charles Bridge, Aristotle, and Italy’s Cinque Terre
  • 12 Favorite Photos from Pompeii and Italy’s Amalfi Coast
  • Venice, Italy: the Color and Charm, a Photojournal
  • 7 Days in Tuscany: A Photojournal
  • Sea Side: Retreat along the Mediterranean
  • The Italian Alps: Scenes from Chestnut Forests and Stone Villages
  • Winter in Europe: Favorite Places and Photographs
  • 10 Favorite Photos of Venice, Italy

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