Wed. May 15th, 2024

Captain von Trapp: It’s the dress. You’ll have to put on another one before you meet the children.
Maria: But I don’t have another one. When we entered the abbey our worldly clothes were given to the poor.
Captain von Trapp: What about this one?
Maria: The poor didn’t want this one.  ~ The Sound of Music

The Austrian Alps have many meanings. To some, they mean great skiing in winter. To others, they make a wonderful place to hike and bike in summer. To many, the Austrian Alps bring the Sound of Music directly to mind. For me, Austria and its beautiful Alpine region means all of the above. I simply love Austria.

A few weeks ago, my family and I drove from Prague to Venice, Italy. The main reason we wanted to drive, despite the ski season traffic, was to experience the views. The Alps are truly glorious in the wintertime, especially on days of blue skies after a heavy snow. It just so happened that this trip, the weather was perfect. Perfect for photographs, too. So, this week, as I work intensely on my work-in-progress novel, I’m posting a photojournal of Austria.

I hope you enjoy the views as much as I do!


The Alps, the View from Italy’s Veneto region


Italy into the Alps, near Venice


Entering the Italian Alps


Near Venice heading north over the Alps, Italy

the Alps

Crossing the Alps, Heavy snow at the Pass

Castle at the top of the Alps, Austria

the Alps, the charm

the Alps

The Greens of Summer in the Austrian Alps

I love spending time in the Alps, whether it’s passing through on the way to Italy from Prague, or whether we travel there to ski in winter or hike in summer. The views never stop in the Alps. I’m glad to be able to share it with you!