Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Summer set lip to earth’s bosom bare, And left the flushed print in a poppy there.

-Francis Thompson

Last week, I happened to drive a different road and discovered the most beautiful field of poppies. At the time, I couldn’t stop to take a photograph, but I couldn’t wait to return with my camera. And so, since the field ended up only being 2 minutes from our house, I have been back several times. There is something about a vast expanse of something that simply takes my breath away. It doesn’t matter if it’s simply laying on a blanket and watching a vast robin’s egg sky, or if it’s the ocean, or a grain field, or a view from a mountain, to me, there is something intangibly refreshing.


The Frills of a Poppy

The really amazing thing about Czech Republic and the city and surroundings of Prague is that they nurture a large percentage of green spaces in and near the city. We live just on the edge of the city, where the old Communist farm style still prevails. So, this poppy field edges right up to the cliff overlooking the Vltava River Valley and Prague. It’s amazing, evident in this photo:


A Field of Poppies overlooking Prague


White and Red Poppies


Beauty that seems to go on forever …


Red in its most pure form?


Delicate white poppy


Poppies beside Prague

There is one phrase I learned from a dear friend many years ago that perfectly embraces the experience of stumbling upon the poppy field: “Catch the joy as it flies.”

Which means, life is tough, and the heartaches are many. But, if we are aware in each moment, we can have the pleasure of catching the joys as they come. One of the best parts of life.

This week, Catch the joy as it flies. I hope you stumble upon many a stunning poppy field!

Next week, photos from a trip into the Alps, and the week after, Sweden. Happy Summer, friends!